Short introduction

Kia ora

Nice that you found our website.

We are Peter and Nicole Momberg.
We got to know each other during a communal camping holiday through Western Australia. Our first holiday together was in Singapore. Nicole wanted to experience a Chinese New Year. From that time we went to London and Paris and we even went back to Australia but this time we went to the East of Australia.

In 2016 we went to New Zealand for the first time together (both had already been here before) during this trip the plans were made to find a job in New Zealand and then take the big step into the unknown and emigrate to New Zealand. On 27 December 2016, our big trip will actually start.

By keeping our blog (since not all our followers are on Facebook) we try to keep the family and friends back in the Netherlands and those who are interested in keeping up with our adventures up-to-date. How often I write a story here is due to what we experience which may be a lot as many things are still new to us.


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